Sander Jacobs


selected work 2011-2012

King of The Mont Ventoux

Assignment for Cross Media Design. We had to make a second screen app for the documentary King of The Mont Ventoux with the focus on a tablet device.


A concept for

Arizona Iced Tea

We had to make a 30 commercial for the product launch of an A-level brand. I made one for Arizona Iced Tea because I love how surprising their bottles are in comparison with other brands.


Schoolproject for Motion II Module - Devine (Digital Design and Media - Howest Kortrijk) The assignment was to make a new concept for Instagram called "Instabook". The Idea behind this device is that you can take pictures that inspire you and add them to your library. It's an inspiration tool.

Cambridge Collaboration Tool

We had to make a Web-app for the University of Cambridge that would improve the communication and collaboration between everybody who's connected to the University.

Design in Kortrijk

School assignment for Major Atelier IV. We had to build a touristic mobile application so people can discover Kortrijk. Our concept was to make something about Architecture, Interior and Design in Kortrijk.

My Machine

An Infographic that explains what My Machine is about. Everybody had to make a little piece, the full video will be online soon.

Liquid Food Night

It's a Web-app for when you gather with your friends to have dinner and have a brainstorm session. The whole concept is imaginary (the liquid food night) in case you wondered what the hell this thing is about.

Hond & Musch

School assignment where we had to make an interactive site about a fairytale.